Sunday, February 25, 2007


I am useless at puzzles except for jigsaws because they work with colour and I have always had a good eye for colour. I have tried crosswords but failed miserably because I cannot relate to words. I have tried soduku but failed miserably because apparently its about logic and my mind doesn't appear to be driven by logic, it more intuitive. I useless at a game that requires some form of strategy. So basically I don't do games!

The biggest puzzle to me is other people. I can remember from a very young age (about 8) wondering what everyone was thinking and why. Do they hear their own voice in their head? Do they have conversations with that voice? Do they argue with voice? What that voice look like? It goes on and on.

My sisters puzzled me, especially Julie, the one immediately below me and the one I tormented most. Why did she let me get away with it? My Sister, Debra, the brainy one who loved books and dreamt of travelling the world. She did travel sort of, but it came to screeching stop, reaaching only Australia at the age of 21, not the world of antiquity that she dreamt of. Why? My sister, Sarah, the youngest and one with the beautiful smile, a little daredevil. I never really knew her, she was 8 yrs younger than me, so she is a total puzzlement to me, a sister I really do not know.

My kids puzzle me, I have known them from day they became conscious to me (before birth as each one acted differently). I try to guess what they are thinking, doing or feeling but fail miserably most of the time. It makes me feel that I have failed sometimes that I don't understand them but then I think it probably a good thing because that means they aren't a clone of me and Gordon. They are a puzzle and that is a good thing.

Life is one big puzzle but that's the way it should be, otherwise why would we strive to keep going despite all the obstacles.


Regina Clare Jane said...

This was such an eloquent post... I'm really no good at logical games either, but I do like a crossword puzzle every now and then.
As for family, I really don't get my younger sister at all... I did once, but not now. I don't think we are meant to get this big puzzle we call life- otherwise, what's the fun in that?
Nicely done, Jacqui...

Silent Whispers said...

I think we're learning all the time from our children and when we teach they already know it! lol

Not sure why my city doesn't show up on that neo counter anymore, but I am checking in on your blog daily, hope you are well!


Middle Child said...

Puzzelling...being curious questing dreaming all good words...