Sunday, February 18, 2007


Its Sunday and I am avoiding again. Whilst avoiding doing the things I should do, like to do, hate doing, I came across this website. Every Saturday the authors of the site post a writing prompt which you then create a piece of writing about then post a link to your piece on their blog. I think it was a brilliant idea and even for me not too difficult.

First crush, current crush, illicit crush, painful soul-crushing crush?

My first crush was a gym teacher at the first high school I attended at the age of 11, I had just entered the whole new world of puberty. As usual my over the top exploration of this brave new world got me into a whole load of trouble because I wasn't ashamed of blasting my crush all over my exercise books. It was totally innocent but looking back I can understand why the teacher was so concerned, not necessarily about me but himself. Looking back I really can't remember liking another ginger head guy again.

Like most girls, my crushes were short and sweet. Even now as a grown mature woman, my crushes are short and intense but much less frequent alas.

One crush has survived the time, despite being married to the only guy I have truly loved. Crushes are dreams that are unobtainable and tohold on to that crush means my dream is still attainable. This crush is a person from a particular era, when life was free and bold, when my dream was new and not tainted by the reality of life. This crush is completely, undeniably unobtainable, so my dream will live on and I will have something to reach for forever and ever.


gautami tripathy said...

"Crushes are dreams that are unobtainable.."

True. And we need those too.

Regina Clare Jane said...

Wonderful post, Jacqui- I think most of us had some kind of a crush on a teacher at some point in our lives.
I think, too, that's why most of us have crushes on movie stars- they are completely unattainable and our little fantasies can live on forever!

Middle Child said...

Good stuff Jacqui... my first crush after one kiss at 15 long anticipated...ahhh... I mived in...and so did he...he died when we were both 35 but I was only told later..he'd been sick for ages with HIV?Aids...he was gay at the time but both of us didn't know it..I just thought he was kind and a gentleman.. not too many around ...