Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Funny old day

as it seems I have managed to inadvertently offend 2 people.

I am not going to write about how but one person in particular, managed to jar me so much that I realise that maybe knowing something is maybe too much information. Why do I say that? I was given a little nugget of information when I was young and now I am 50. Maybe if the Internet hadn't been invented, it might have stayed being that nugget but even now, 30 -40yrs later (approx) that piece of information niggles in my head. Some years it is put away into a dark closet but in other years, like this one, something happens that brings it back right to forefront. Safe to say that little nugget is now a big nugget.

For people with secrets, the Internet is a bad unhealthy place, because there is no hiding. With DNA testing, there will be no secrets. Things that in history, happened all the time will be destroyed by this new technology because we will not be able to have secrets, especially with all this DNA profiling. Now people, who in not too distant times, quite happily got on with life, knowing their secret was safe within a circle, will always have that fear in their eyes that they will be found out. I opened a fear like that today, I am truly sorry it happened and I truly hope that fear is unfounded.


Middle Child said...

If you did do that least you have taken time to reflect on what was done and its effect...and that reflection on our actions and consequences is becomming too rare are a human being and none of us is perfect. I'd rather know people who like me make mistakes or whatever but are not too proud to accept and reflect. Sometimes IU think if we didn't make mistakes and tae the time and have the humility to reflect we would still be children in aults bodieDon't be hard on yourself, there are plenty out there who will be hard on you without beating yourself up.

I agree re the lack of privacy. I don't like DNA profiling etc etc too much like George Orwell's
"1984" for me.