Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Woo Hoo! I have got a job!

I was in Joann's yesterday and noticed that they were advertising for a part-time framer, pay according to experience. I have always fancy doing framing so I thought, why not ask. So I went up to the framing dept and asked how much experience were they looking for? I explained that my experience was limited (to a logan mat cutter) but that I am a quick learner. I also explained I have not had a job for a considerable time (apart from 2.5 months at Sears, that will be 20 yrs) so I am always coming across the difficulty of not having experience on a job, despite being the jack of all trades as a Mum. The head framer gave the store manager a call and I had a sort of impromptu interview. It must have worked as he call this afternoon to give me the job. I start training on Sunday. I must admit despite the pay, not as bad as thought it would be but not great either, I am quite excited about doing this job.

So that has been my day, quite exciting and I had better get practising with the mat cutter - darn where did I put that thing! Joking, too big to lose!

Below a couple of photos:

Spring is here
Some people have been posting the mess their studios are in but on the whole I like to keep my studio clean and tidy. However, the office is another thing! I have been attempting to file this stuff for the last few years and each year it worse, not better each time I attempt to do anything with it. One day I will win the battle.

It use to be that Mo, our eldest cat would not even venture downstairs but not these days. With her at the PC and Skara whilst I am working on in my studio, they can be quite a pain these days. Today, Mo found that sitting on the monitor was great fun!


Middle Child said...

Woiw... you found your own job... that is wonderful. I am so proud and pleased for you... and am wishing you all the best ... loved your cat...cats are beautiful

Viola said...

Congratulations on the job.